Charlotte Cho-Lan Lee, Attorney-at-Law

Related Legal Services

The practices of Family Law and Estate Law naturally involve several related areas of law.  Charlotte C. Lee has over time become familiar with many matters in these related areas. 

Real Estate - Property transactions, especially the sale and purchase of homes, condos and coop apartments ("closings"), are commonplace in the practice both of family law and of estate administration.  Ms. Lee has handled many property transactions, both as attorney and as principal.


Landlord/Tenant - Because of New York City's complex housing laws, matrimonial and estate matters often include critical Landlord/Tenant issues.  This is especially true when a rent-controlled or rent-stabilized apartment is involved, but even a cooperative apartment can present landlord/tenant issues.  Ms. Lee has resolved a number of such issues, either by negotiation or, when necessary, by litigation.  She has represented both landlords and tenants.

Guardianship - Guardianship, personal incapacity and fiduciary administration have long been a major part of Ms. Lee's practice.  This subject is covered in more detail on another page of this website.

Cooperating Specialists

Whatever the matter that first brought them to her, clients often turn to Ms. Lee first for any legal problem.  In keeping with her policy of committed personal service, she takes every concern seriously.  Although clients often wish her to handle every problem personally, in the clients' own interest Ms. Lee must refer matters outside her expertise to cooperating attorneys.  She works closely with specialists in various areas of the law, including

  • Taxation
  • Immigration
  • Personal Injury
  • Malpractice
  • Real Estate
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Bankruptcy

Ms. Lee also works with a full range of other professionals to help meet each client's needs.  Well-qualified accountants, physicians, psychotherapists, translators, interpreters, investigators, appraisers, and expert witnesses are available to assist as needed.

Ms. Lee sometimes consults with attorneys expert in the laws of foreign countries.  (Past examples include China, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Russia.)  This can be necessary, for example, when a matter involves overseas property, children in a foreign country or documents executed in a foreign country.

Although Charlotte C. Lee's practice is concentrated in matters of Family Law and Estate Law, her policy of personal attention gives her clients effective access to a wide range of related legal services.

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